Have this pair of jeans your way

When every medium-sized website personalizes its content to each individual visitor, the real world can’t stay behind. This came clear to me when I strolled by the Levi’s Tailor Shop in Berlin last week. Next to buying almost every model currently available, you can also have your jeans fitted or altered or even let the guys there renovate the worn-out one from the back of you closed. Watch the video from the NYC store to get the idea.

LEVI’S TAILOR SHOP PROMO (Directed by Raf Moses) from rafmoses on Vimeo.

 It is going beyound mass customization

Levi’s started out with its legendary 501 in the 1890s and for many decades, there was no need to enlarge the number of jeans models significantly. Checking out today’s shopping world, I find 199 Levi’s models for men with a quick search at Zappos.com. With the tailor shop concept, the possibilities have become endless.

While you can have your new car configured to almost every aspect you care for, the old concepts of mass customization always build upon an individual customer and a product and manufacturing system that offers a wide range of combinable options. Man facing a fixed system. The new setup puts another human into the game. Now the customer can interact with the tailor in the shop and share his ideas on how the new pair of jeans should be customized. If everything goes well, tailor and customer will eventually create something that was not even envisioned by the customer before.

In terms of the customer experience, Levi’s delivers two things at their store concept: Truely personalized goods that can’t be found somewhere else and a very close relationship between customer and brand as the brand helped to bring the personal closing style of the customer one step further. Well done!