Hello Customer Experience World!

This is the famous first post on my new blog. Instead of writing a lonely “Hello World”, I want to take the chance to briefly introduce you to what interests me most in my professional life: customer experience, strategy and innovation. And in a way, I feel that those three topics belong to each other anyway. As you might have figured out by now, this blog is about those three areas and a nifty abbreviation would be… CX.S.I. Blog. Right? But before I start off with the first post, I want to give you a brief outlook on what you can expect.

 Why do I start blogging?

As you can see in my profile on this site, I have been working in management consulting for quite some years, before I entered my current job that introduced me to customer experience – and made me fall in love with this way to see things. From there, thoughts and ideas end up in my mind and keep on boggling me until I can either share them with a colleague or friend or put them into writing. This is why I start this blog.

What will you find here?

The main content of this blog is what its title promises: customer experience, strategy and innovation topics. Further more, I want to use this site to give a view from the German perspective, being German and working here. The anglo-saxon world is further advanced with customer experience than mainland Europe when it comes to service experiences, while some areas around here have a legacy of perfect experience design when it comes to engineering – thinking about cars from southern Germany. I have already taken some notes and will write an article on this specific topic in the future. Promised.

Next to all my writing, I would be happy if this blog will become a place for lively discussions once in a while when a topic hits the spot. So please don’t hesitate to make comments and challenge my thinking. I’m looking forward to it.

Welcome to the CX.S.I. Blog!