IKEA builds bridges between online and offline

Happy New Year! During the holiday break I paid a visit to the local IKEA store here in Essen. I was amazed, how well IKEA has tailored its (mobile) website to the needs of onliners planning to go to a local store. A very good cross channel experience.

I visited their website in advance to make sure, everything I need is available in the right quantities. The site immediately changed to the mobile version when I accessed it with my iPhone and I was able to check stock levels for the store nearby. All of this went without any need to log in. Even saving items on a virtual shopping list was possible without an account. During the store visit, the site allowed me to tick-off the items already in my cart (green ticks on the left).

IKEA mobile site
IKEA’s mobile site acts as stock level check and shopping list
© 2014 IKEA

IKEA has done an excellent job in connecting the Online and the Offline world with their mobile website. This experience was very helpful because IKEA:

  • made it easy to access their site thanks to the mobile design
  • provided a tool to help me prepare my visit to the local store (shopping list & stock check) and
  • supported my during my store visit (ticking-off items on the shopping list).

Funny enough, this seems so little but had such a big effect on improving my shopping experience. To enhance the customer experience even more, I would love to see three additional features.

  • The information on where to find the items is of little use for the customer. It would be more helpful to know in which part of the exhibition or the pick-up area the item is located. This helps in narrowing down the area to search for it. Or even in-door navigation through WiFi…?
  • When I had finished shopping, I was not able to get all the items on my list despite the fact they were listed as available. Stock probably got broken or stolen and this can’t be accounted for in the system. When stock levels are below 10 pieces it would be more helpful for customers to tell them stock is “very low” or “as good as empty”. This prepares them for the fact that a shelf might be empty when they reach the store as it happened to me (with the website still saying seven pieces available).
  • The last part of my wish list would be a button on the mobile shopping list that allows me to place an online order with all the items I did not tick-off during my shop visit. It would complete the Online-Offline-Online customer journey during an IKEA visit.

Despite the three wishes at the end of this post, I was very pleased with the work IKEA has done in connecting the Online and the Offline world. No app or account was needed to give me great tools that made my live and my shopping experience easier. Good job!

Join me in Berlin on the CX Management Summit

Less than a month ahead, the 4th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit will take place in Berlin. The conference will offer a variety of speakers from telecoms, banking, airlines and hotels and will be held from 8th-10th of October 2013 in the Steigenberger Hotel Berlin.

As part of the very exiting program of speeches and case studies, I will be holding a presentation on how to weave customer experience into the hearts, heads and hands of an organization. So if you are around the corner and the program sounds inviting to you, I would be happy to see you there!


(image source: welu-berlin via flickr.com)