…the Author

Profile shot of Ralf HetzerI’m Ralf Hetzer and passionate about excellent sales and service experiences. With a strong management consulting background and experience as a telco line manager for CX and service design, I aim to unite the best of both world for a company’s success: customer view & commercial view. For more information on my professional life, please visit my LinkedIn Profile.

You can also find me on: TwitterGoogle+ and Xing

…the Blog

This blog is about three topics that are part of my professional career and are so much fun, that I invest my spare time in the evenings and on the weekends to read and write about them: Customer Experience. Strategy. Innovation.

I write this blog to get the many ideas in my head sorted and maybe help you find some useful ideas. So if you think some of this worth a tweet or a like, please go ahead!

This is a personal blog and all statements reflect my personal opinion only. This blog is not connected to my current or my former employers.

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