“Old” stuff revisited: The LEGO experience wheel

LEGO guys standing in line

By accident I stumbled upon an article from Bruce Tempkin written in 2009 on the LEGO experience wheel. It reminded me that some tools we need for customer experience management are pretty down to earth but massively useful. The customer experience wheel is one of them.

LEGO CX-wheel found here

The wheel is a lightweight version of an experience map that mentions the key experience points, only. In comparison to more complex journey maps, it is a circle and reminds you of the fact that an experience should not be a one-off, but a recurring activity that customers love to perform over an over again. Have a look at it!

Author: Ralf Hetzer

Ralf Hetzer is the author of this blog and passionate about customer experience, strategy and innovation. He lives and works around Düsseldorf/ Germany. When not working, he loves to ride mountain bikes and drink excellent espresso.

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