Packaging design with a laugh

Barcode Closeup

The last time I had to grin about a packaging design was at the Kindle’s  barcode with the person reading below a tree. This time I was not really expecting something special when I had bought a new shaver. I should have been warned, because it was a Philips product. One of the few product companies that is offering their design services also to external clients: Philips Design.

Moustache Barcode
Moustache barcode on the packaging

OK, I had unpacked the shaver and was on the way to flatten the cardboard packaging and throw it away. There I saw the nice barcode on the bottom that had just the right amount of humor to provoke a good laugh while keeping up the high value perception that the product and packaging quality suggested when buying and unpacking it. Getting ready for my first Movember this year!

(Image by: jpmartineau)

Author: Ralf Hetzer

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